USS Coral Sea CVA-43 Association
USS Coral Sea CVA-43 Association USS Coral Sea Ship's Divisions USS Coral Sea CVA-43 Association

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The fast Carrier task group operating in the Mediterranean.


Responsible for the readiness of the ship and the crew and, the safety of the crew.


IM-1 >> Aircraft maintenance - electrical system

IM-2 >> Aircraft maintenance - engines and structure

IM-3 >> Yellow gear maintenance


VII >> Responsible for supervising the safe handing of gasoline and gasoline systems

V1-A >> Responsible for the maintenance and operation of the arresting gear, arresting gear engines and barriers.

V1-F >> Responsible for spotting the deck after every launch and recovery

V1-H >> Responsible for handling, spotting, and securing planes on the hanger deck.

V2-E >> Responsible for the electrical work required in maintaining aircraft

V2-S >> Responsible for the shop work required in maintaining aircraft

V3 >> Responsible for the movement of aircraft to and from hanger deck

V3-G >> Responsible for the gassing and degassing of aircraft

V4 >> Same as above (JP verses gas????)

V-30 >> Responsible for arming and rearming of aircraft on the fight deck and hanger deck

Detachment 31 >> Responsible for helicopter maintenance.


A Division >> Responsible for all auxiliary machinery that does not come under the control of main propulsion.

B Division >> Responsible for the operation and maintenance for the boilers that generate steam to drive the turbines and generators. Also operate and maintain the evaporators to produce fresh water, and the transfer, storage, and inventory of all fuel oil, and diesel oil.

E Division >> Maintain and repair of all electrical equipment aboard ship, comprised of gang one (boats, batteries and lighting shop ), gang two (general power and ventilation ) gang three (aviation and ordance power systems), gang four (interior communications and navigation devices), gang five (maintains and operated the ship's generators, power, and lighting in the engineering spaces)

ER Division >> Responsible for the repair and maintenance of electronic equipment.

M Division >> Responsible for the four engine rooms, Main Controland bilers. Operateds the sevice generators condenser motors and performs repairs on all types of mechnical gear

R Division >> Responsible for Damage Control which means combating fires, flooding and other battle damage, and other duties which include repair and maintenance of water tight doors, fire fighting equipment, required carpenter work, HVAC, and plumbing.

EXECUTIVE DEPARTMENT (Administration Department)

Captain's Office >> Receives, routes, files all ship's correspondence, and prepares the Commanding Officer's official correspondence. Also functions as the personnel office for all Ship's company officers and maintains the Central File of the ship.

Legal >> Provides the courts-martial, punishment , etc. to assure the individual's legal rights are protected and legal assistance.

X Division >> Consisted of the CO office and legal

Master at Arms >> Responsible for security and enforcing ship regulations. Provides assistance to the legal officer and helps the Officer of the Deck carry out ship's routine.

Personnel >> Responsible for the administration management of the ship. Includes Navy and ship regulation, legal advice, shipboard training, ship's routine, service records, etc. Another area, Special Services, which includes hobby shop, ship's newspaper, etc., are also included in this area.

Training >> Responsible for the availability of necessary information, publications, training aids, schools, etc., for training. This includes USAFI courses, testing services for college credits and high school diplomas.

Print Shop >> Responsible for producing the various letterheads, forms, etc. required for the ship which includes printing the Chuch Bulletin, Coral Sea Breeze, and public information booklets.

PIO & Special Services >> Responsible for news releases concerning the ship, providing news from home and through Special Services, the welfare and recreation activities for the crew.



H Division >> Responsible for providing medical care, hospital care, supervising the sanitary conditions of all living spaces and messing facilities and provision spaces, and training all hands in first aid and battle dressings.

Dental -

D Division >> Responsible for providing dental care and dental hygiene.


S-1 Division >> Responsible for the receipt of and the inventory of all stores and the payment of government funds for those stores.

S-2 Division >> Responsible for the Galley, Bake Shop, Mess Deck and providing meals for the ship's crew.

S-3 Division >> Responsible for Ship's Service which includes the Laundry, Ship's Store, Ship's Soda Fountain, Tailor Shop, Cobbler Shop, and Barber Shop.

S-4 Division >> Responsible for the Officer's Mess, Wardroom, galley spaces, and cleanliness of the officer's staterooms.

S-5 Division >> Responsible for the receipt of and the inventory of all aviation stores.

S-6 Division >> Responsible for material requisition, stowage, issue and accountability necessary to keep the air wing in the air.

S-7 Division >> Responsible for data processing.

5th Division >> Responsible for Provisioning, which includes the rigging necessary to receive provisions from another ship, etc., and store in the appropriate areas.


O-3 Division aka OI Division >> Responsible for CIC, Air Plot, Signal Bridge, Radio Communications and the Post Office.

OA Division >> See Aerology

OC Division >> Carrier Air Traffic Control Center (CATCC) and Air operations

OE Division >> Responsible for servicing and maintenance of  the electronics equipment used by the ship.

OW Division >> Responsible for operation and maintenance of the Electronic Warfare equipment, both active and passive located on the Coral Sea. OW Division became part of the Coral Sea in 1972. Association member, Richard W. Damme was the OW Division's first commanding officer.

Photo Lab >> Responsible for the photographing, of everything involving the ship and the ship's aircraft for release in the ship, to the Navy, and to the public.

Aerology >> Responsible for forecasting the daily weather.

GUNNERY DEPARTMENT - responsible for seamanship and gunnery

Fox Division >> Responsible for the operation and maintenance of the fire control radars, computers, and aerial torpedoes.

G Division >> Responsible for stowage, assembly, and transportation of all bombs and rockets aboard ship

GM Division >> Responsible for the Guided Missles aboard ship

W Division >> Responsible for handled all of the special weapons carried by the ship. The W Division personnel worked in security areas know as SASS spaces and admittance was restricted to W Division personnel only.

Marine Detachment >> Responsible for the internal and external security of the ship, which includes training of the landing parties, maintaining the brig. and manning 3 inch gunmounts

1st Division >> Responsible for the maintenance of anchors, windlasses, and associated gear to anchor & secure the ship. Manned 3 inch 50 gunmounts in the forward part of the ship.

2nd Division >> Responsible for maintaining the interior of the ship

3rd Division >> Responsible for the upkeep of the fantail and after portion of the ship.

4th Division >> Responsible for the maintenance of the 5 inch guns and sponson decks, motor launches, accommodation ladder, and after fueling rig. Operated gun mounts.

5th Division >> Responsible for maintenance and operation of all main battery positions and similar duties as the 4th Division.

6th Division >> Responsible for the maintenance of the after part of the ship including the fantail. Manned 3 inch 50 gun mounts in the after part of the ship.

7th Division >> Responsible for the operation and maintenance of the stack, lowering ships boats, transfer at sea, and operation and maintenance of the 3 inch 50 gun mouts.

9th Division >> Responsible for the maintenance of the ship's hull, paint and sail lockers


N Division >> Responsible for assisting the Navigator

Ship's Band >> Responsible for providing music for official functions, and entertainment.


Responsible for providing the religious activities for the crew. (Part of ADM???)