USS Coral Sea CVA-43 Association
USS Coral Sea CVA-43 Association Dates & Events Of The Coral Sea USS Coral Sea CVA-43 Association

440710 AA Built at Newport News Shipbuilding Co. Cost: $87.6 mil. Date keel laid

460402 AB Launched by Mrs. (ADM) Thomas C. Kincaid, Coral Sea hero

460402 CJ Named: WWII naval battle 7-8 May 1942, stops Jap invasion plans

470000 AG Modified storage and assembly areas for nuclear bomb

471001 AC Commissioned at Nor NSY. NavSec John L. Sullivan, speaker

471001 AI Ship's patch insignia in color, HOOK Spring `85

471001 BR NIJA, Ship signal flag and radio call sign issued by Navy

471001 CO New CO: Storrs, Aaron P., III. "Putt". 1st CO


471001 PO First homeport: Norfolk to 26 February 1957

480119 BO 480405 : Shakedown cruise to Cuba and Panama Canal

480119 GR CVGB-5 embarked, tail code C

480427 MF 1st launch of P2V-2 Neptune (nuclear capable),off Norfolk

480607 FM 480806 : 1st Med cruise. Midshipmen. Golfe Juan call

480607 GC CVG-17 embarked, tail code R. HOOK Clayton

480811 CO New CO: Vosseller, Aurelius B. at Norfolk OB

481007 AJ 490219 : Island modernization, new bridge at Norfolk NSY

490307 GA P2V-3C with 10,000# dummy atomic load launch, off Norfolk

490503 FM 490926 : 2nd Med cruise. Italy, Malta, Turkey, Cuba

490503 GC CVG-2 embarked, tail code M. HOOK Clayton

490600 DO Port calls to 6/27 : Augusta & Palermo, Sicily; Naples, Leghorn, Rapatto

490704 CF July 4th celebrated at Cannes, France during long port call

490711 CO New CO: Goldwaite, Robert at Cannes, France. USNA ' 24

490727 DO Port calls: Istanbul, Turkery to 8/1. Then Souda Bay, Crete 8/15

490800 DO Other port calls: Naples; Cannes & Gibraltar; Newport, RI

490919 EO Navy Occupation Service medal for ops in European waters

500421 GF 1st take-off (Hayward) of atomic bomb capable AJ-1 plane. HOOK Wi 89

500429 CO New CO: Trapnell, Frederick M. at Norfolk OB. USNA ' 23

500625 BG Korea War outbreak status : Homeport, Norfolk

500831 GA VC-5 carquals with Savage AJ. CO Capt J. Hayward. HK Wi 89

500831 GF 1st landing & TO of atomic bomb capable AJ-1 plane. Hayward. HK Wi 89

500909 FM 510201 : 3rd Med cruise. A-bomb parts carried

500909 GC CVG-17 embarked, tail code R. HOOK Clayton

500909 GF Banshee F2H-2 first major deployment by VF-171 & VF-172

500909 MF 1st carrier to deploy with the non-nuclear parts for an A-bomb

510201 DO Port calls: Herakelton, Crete; Oran, Morocco; Algiers, Algeria

510212 CO New CO: Russell, James S. at Norfolk OB. ADM. Langley, CV 1 pilot

510320 FM 511006 : 4th Med cruise. NATO exercises.Greece & Turkey

510320 GC CVG-1 embarked, tail code T. HOOK Clayton

510456 EO Navy Occupation Service medal for ops in European waters

510904 EO Navy Occupation Service medal for ops in European waters

510922 DO Port call: Lisbon, Portugal. Other calls in Italy, France, Greece, Turkey

511010 AJ 520219 : Overhaul at Norfolk Navy Yard

520210 CO New CO: Pirie, Robert B. at Norfolk Navy Shipyard. USNA ' 26. Obit in file

520419 FM 521012 : 5th Med cruise. 1st visit to Split,Yugoslavia

520419 GC CVG-4 embarked, tail code F. HOOK Clayton

520700 DA Editors. U.S.S. CORAL SEA, FORTUNE July 52

520911 DO 520914 : Port call : Split, Yugoslavia. First carrier to call in country

520914 DD Marshal Tito visits ship off Split, Yugoslavia

520930 DI a Earns Navy Battle "E" for Atlantic Fleet for Fiscal 1952

521001 AH Designated CVA-43 , attack carrier

521004 EO Navy Occupation Service medal for ops in European waters

521107 CO New CO: Riley, Herbert D. at Norfolk Navy Shiyard

530426 FM 531021 : 6th Med cruise. Oran, Algiers, Naples & Barcelona, Palermo

530426 GC CVG-8 embarked, tail code E. HOOK Clayton

530810 CO New CO: Caldwell, Henry Howard at Naples, Italy

531014 EO Navy Occupation Service medal for ops in European waters

540614 CO New CO: Sears, Harry E.

540707 FM 541220 : 7th Med cruise. Two NATO exercises participant

540707 GC CVG-10 embarked, tail code P. HOOK Clayton

540930 DI a Navy Battle E for FY 1954 Atlantic Fleet

541000 DD Gen. Franco visits ship at Valencia, Spain call

541211 EO Navy Occupation Service medal for ops in European waters

541222 CO New CO: McDonald, David L. Admiral, CNO

550405 FM 550929 : 8th Med cruise. Only cruise with Fury (FJ-2)

550405 GC CVG-17 embarked, tail code R. Olson File p4

550921 EO Navy Occupation Service medal for ops in European waters

550930 DI a Navy Battle E for FY 1955 Atlantic Fleet

551017 CO New CO: Gentner, William E. Jr.

560813 FMs 570211 : 9th Med cruise. Sardinia. Suez crisis patrol

560813 GC CVG-10 embarked, tail code P. HOOK Clayton

560908 CG AJ-1 trial crashes into 9 parked planes while landing

561010 CO New CO: Jaap, Jasper A. . USNA ' 32

561020 DD King Paul & Queen Frederica visit at Phaleron Bay,Greece

561020 DO Port calls in late October: Piraeus, Greece; Istanbul, Turkey

561030 NI Evacuates Americans from Egypt during Suez crisis

561225 CF Christmas celebrated at Cannes, France port call

570226 FH 570415 : Cape Horn cruise (3/17). Norfolk to Puget Sound

570226 GC No formal air group known, decommissioned

570415 DO Ports calls: Santos, Brazil; Talcahuano, Valparaiso, Chile; Balboa, CZ

570416 AJ 600125 : 1st modernization, SCB 110A at Puget Sound yard

570424 AF 600125 : Decommissioned for modernization at Puget Sound

600125 AE Recommissioned at Puget Sound. New homeport: Alameda NAS

600125 CH Details of SCB-110A Jane's 1963, copy in file

600125 CO New CO: Gray, James S. Jr. at Bremerton NSY. USNA ' 36

600318 DO Port call 3 days, Vancouver, begins. Largest ship under Lion's Gate bridge

600401 PO Homeport : Alameda to 2 March 1983

600919 FF 610527 : 1st WestPac cruise. Laos crisis,Japan,Hong Kong

600919 GC CVG-15 embarked, tail code NL. HOOK Clayton

601205 CO New CO: Lynch, John J. at Yokosuka, Japan. Boston College 1933

610100 ND Operates in South China Sea as Pathet Lao, Laos crisis escalates

610429 EV Vietnam Expeditionary Force service dates; to 9 May 61

610527 GA VMA-324,121 from Japan replace FITRONS for all attack CVW

610818 CF Enters San Diego Bay for naval aviation 50th anniversary. Largest to date

611023 GA 100,000 th landing aboard ship celebrated. A4D Skyhawk

611101 CO New CO: Weisner, Maurice F. Admiral

611212 FF 620717 : 2nd WestPac cruise. Vietnam Expeditionary Ops

611212 GC CVG-15 embarked, tail code NL. HOOK Clayton

611214 CH Pilot Landing Aid Television, first carrier installation

611214 MF 1st carrier Pilot Landing Aid Television (PLAT) installed

620112 EV Vietnam Expeditionary Force service dates; to 27 Jan 62

620200 DO Port calls: Kobe, Yokosuka, Sasebo in Japan

620313 GA Demon, F3H, catapulted while at anchor at Yokosuka demonstration

620330 DD Japan Prime Minister, 23 Diet members tour ship, Yokosuka

620527 DO 620603 : Port call at Hong Kong

620717 MF 1st attack carrier to operate in Bering Sea

620723 CO New CO: Elder, Robert M. in San Francisco Bay. U of WA '40.

620723 DA Tillman, Barrett. Bob Elder. HOOK Fa 89. Biography

620908 AK 621221 : Overhaul period at Hunters Point NSY

630202 CD Aground 8 hours in San Francisco Bay enroute Alameda. Ends SoCal ops

630213 CO New CO: Roemer, Charles E. at Alameda pier

630403 FF 631125 : 3rd WestPac cruise.Australia, Coral Sea services

630403 GC CVG-15 embarked, tail code NL. HOOK Clayton

630422 CF Crosses Equator and International Date Line same time, enroute Australia

630502 CF Commemorates Coral Sea battle with port call at Sydney, Australia

630603 ND Supplies 256,000 gallons of water to drought in Hong Kong

640216 CO New CO: Charbonnet, Pierre N. Jr. USNA ' 41

641207 FN 651101 : 1st Vietnam extended war cruise. 10,000 sorties

641207 GC CVW-15 embarked, tail code NL. NHC Battle Order p 3

650115 CO New CO: Cassell, George L.

650125 EV 650704 : Vietnam Armed Forces Expeditionary Service Medal

650200 CF 4 CVs mass in Opn Candid Camera off Vietnam; CVs 10, 19, 43, 61

650206 BF 1st combat operations from carrier to Dong Hoi military barracks, No. Viet

650704 ES 651023 : Vietnam Service Medal awarded for combat ops off coast

651002 GA 150,000th trap by Lt. Ronald E. McKowan, VF 154 in a F-8D Crusader

651101 DL 167 line days on 6 line periods with 21 planes lost in combat

651101 DO Olongapo, Phil. Is; Hong Kong; Yokosuka, Japan

651101 MF Record 331 days deployed, 245 days at sea, over 10,500 landings

651104 BD Navy Unit Commendation for Vietnam duty from 7 Feb 65

651122 AJ 660430 : Major overhaul at Hunters Point, San Francisco

660218 CO New CO: Ault, Frank W. USNA ' 42. At Hunters Point NSY

660729 FN 670223 : 2nd Vietnam war cruise. 2 Hong Kong liberties. 109 line days

660729 GC CVW-2 embarked, tail code NE. HOOK Clayton

670223 BD Navy Unit Commendation for Vietnam war cruise

670223 DL 109 line days on 3 line periods with16 planes lost in combat

670223 ES Vietnam Service Medal awarded for combat ops off coast

670318 CO New CO: Shawcross, William H. at Hunters Point NSY

670724 CF San Francisco formally adopts ship in ceremonies

670726 FN 680406 : 3rd Vietnam war cruise. Chinese down ferry plane

670726 GC CVW-15 embarked, tail code NL. NHC Battle Order p 9

670726 GF Last cruise of A-1 Skyraider by VA-25

670826 CG Loses propeller blade causing a 2-week return to Yokosuka for repairs

671018 CG Collision with MOUNT KATMAI, AE-16 breaks 2 elevators

671023 CG SH-3A helocopter from KEARSARGE hits ship causing fatalites on aircraft

671025 CE 9 injured when Zuni rocket explodes in assembly area

671025 CG Zuni rocket ignites in assembly area. 9 seriously burned

671107 CT Saves 37 crew of sinking LOYAL FORTUNES near Hong Kong

671222 DD Bob Hope gives Christmas performance aboard ship off Vietnam

671225 CF Christmas Day celebrated with Hong Kong liberty period

680123 EK Korea Expeditionary Service Medal to 22 March 1968

680220 GF Last combat sortie for A-1 Skyraider in Vietnam. Last deployment cruise

680223 DO Port calls: Hong Kong (2), Subic Bay, Phil. (2), Sasebo, Japan

680302 CO New CO: Ferris, James at Sasebo

680406 BD Navy Unit Commendation for Vietnam cruise

680406 DL 132 line days on 5 line periods with 15 planes lost in combat

680406 ES Vietnam Service Medal awarded for combat ops off coast

680907 FN 690418 : 4th Vietnam war cruise. 110 lline days

680907 GC CVW-15 embarked, tail code NL. NHC Battle Order p 11

680930 DI Earns Navy Battle "E" for Pacific Attack for fiscal 1968

681121 CG Catapult shot put A-4C in water. CDR M Naschek VA-216 dies

690418 BD Navy Unit Commendation for Vietnam cruise

690418 DL 110 line days on 5 line periods with 4 planes lost in combat

690418 DO Port calls: Christmas in Japan; Singapore; Hong Kong (Mar 12-18)

690418 ES Vietnam Service Medal awarded for combat ops off coast

690516 CO New CO: Gorsline, Samuel G. Jr. USNA ' 44. File

690923 FN 700701 : 5th Vietnam cruise. Australia. Elevator damage

690923 GC CVW-15 embarked, tail code NL. NHC Battle Order p13

691212 CE Minor explosion in shaft alley caused by cigarette

700115 CL Heavy seas damage No.2 elevator. Removal at Subic Bay

700613 DO 700619 : Port call, Sydney, Australia

700701 BD Navy Unit Commendation for Vietnam war cruise

700701 DL 125 line days on 5 line periods with 1 plane lost in combat

700701 DO Port calls: Hong Kong, Sasebo, Subic Bay, Yokosuka

700701 ES Vietnam Service Medal awarded for combat ops off coast

700702 AJ 710601 : Complex overhaul at Hunter's Point yard. $44 million

700825 CF San Francisco Mayor Joseph Alioto presented token helm at Alameda

701016 CO New CO: McDonald, Wesley L. at Hunters Point NSY. Admiral

710907 CO New CO: Harris, William H. at Alameda Naval Air Station pier

711112 FN 720717 : 6th Vietnam war cruise. Haiphong Harbor mining

711112 GC CVW-15 embarked, tail code NL. NHC Battle Order p 15

720509 BB Gives air defense for mining of Haiphong, No.Viet harbor


720717 DL 148 line days on 6 line periods with 12 planes lost in combat

721102 CO New CO: Peck, Paul A.

721717 ES Vietnam Service Medal awarded for combat ops off coast

730200 MF Most combat line days (875) in Vietnam War, 7 cruises

730309 FN 731108 : 7th Vietnam war cruise. Vietnam coast peace patrol

730309 GC CVW-15 embarked, tail code NL. NHC Battle Order p 18

731108 DL 84 line days on 6+ line periods with 14 planes lost in combat

731108 ES Vietnam Service Medal awarded for combat ops off coast

740125 CO New CO: Rogers, Thomas S. Jr.

741205 FF 750702 : 11th WestPac cruise. Indian O, Cambodian coast

741205 GC CVW-15 embarked, tail code NL. NHC Battle Order p 19

741205 NA Portion of WestPac cruise spent in Indian Ocean ops

750400 DA Anderson, Richard M. THE MIDWAY CLASS CARRIERS, WI 2/75

750412 ND Supports evacuation of Phnon Phem, Cambodia

750428 ND Helicopters evacuates refugees as South Vietnam falls

750506 DO 750510 : Port call to Singapore.

750514 BY Meritorious Unit Commendation awarded for Mayaguez ops

750515 EJ Air strikes on Cambodian gunboat over MAYAGUEZ capture

750530 DO 750605 : Port call : 1nd U.S. carrier since Saratoga, CV 3 to visit Perth

750630 AH Designated CV-43, All-purpose carrier

750718 CO New CO: Frick, Joseph F. USNA ' 53

750806 AJ 760518 : Complex overhaul at Long Beach Naval Yard

760704 CF San Francisco pier visit for bicentennial celebration

770215 FF 771005 : 12th WestPac cruise. South China Sea, Yellow Sea

770215 GC CVW-15 embarked, tail code NL. HOOK Clayton

770301 CO New CO: Aitcheson, George A. at Pearl Harbor

770717 GD Crash of A-7 off Okinawa, LCdr Gerald L. Hausmann dead. tailhook Officer

771005 DO Port calls : 3 port calls to Pusan, Subic Bay, Yokosuka

780131 BK 780217 : CarQuals in southern California operating area

780307 AJ 790208 : Overhaul at Puget Sound. $80 million, 5" guns out

780603 CO New CO: Arthur Stanley R. at Puget Sound NSY

791113 FF 800611 : 13th WestPac. Korea, Indy O. Aids hostage rescue

791113 GC CVW-14 embarked, tail code NK. Go Navy. Clayton HOOK

791113 GG CVW-14 CAG Capt. David N. Rogers

791113 NA Portion of WestPac cruise spent in Indian Ocean ops

791222 CO New CO: Dunleavy, Richard Subic Bay. 1st naval flight officer as CO

800118 DO 800120 : Port call at Phattya, Thailand. Singapore Jan 25 begins liberty

800201 NG Enters Indian O. Ordered to Arabian Sea to relieve Midway, Hostage ops

800424 EI Navy Expeditionary Service Medal for Iran hostage support

800424 NG Operations with NIMITZ during Iran hostages rescue try

800509 CF Port call : Subic Bay ending 102 consecutive days at sea

800522 ND Philippines. Deployed to Korea during political unrest after assassination

800714 AJ 801010 : $30 million modernization

810507 BK Leaves for training cruise to Pearl Harbor, Hawaiian Islands

810802 CO New CO: Johnson, Jerome L. at Alameda Naval Air Station

810820 FF 820323 : 14th WestPac cruise. Indian O., No.Arabian Sea

810820 GC CVW-14 embarked, tail code NK. HOOK Clayton. Go Navy p10

810820 GG CAG CVW-14 Cdr.Richard A. Wilson

810820 NA Portion of WestPac cruise spent in Indian Ocean ops

810820 NA Indian Ocean ops in GonzoEx 2-81 and Bright Star 82

810924 DO Port call: Subic Bay, Philippine Is.

811008 DO Port call: Singapore.

811011 EI 811020 : Navy Expeditionary Service Medal for Iran hostage support

811031 DA Poole. CVW-14/CV-43 RETURNS FROM WESTPAC.., HOOK Sum 82

820000 DA 81-82 Cruise Book. THIRTY-FIVE YEARS OF CORAL SEA

820323 CF Flowers and confetti blanket ship under Golden Gate Bridge to Alameda

820700 DM Movie `THE RIGHT STUFF' July 1982, about early astronauts

821015 CF San Francisco, leads 15 Navy `Fleet Week' ships column

830321 DO Port calls: Naples, Italy & Cannes, France

830321 FF 830912 : 15th WestPac cruise. Global Coast Change. See HE

830321 GC CVW-14 embarked, tail code NK. Go Navy p7

830321 HE 830912 : Global coast change. Alameda, Suez, Norfolk

830400 NA Portion of WestPac cruise spent in Indian Ocean ops

830411 CS Aleutian chain operations near USSR with CV-41 & CVN-65

830614 NM 830912 : Global. Suez, 9th Med cruise, Alameda, Nicaragua, Norfolk

830614 SC Suez Canal transit, North*. During global coast change

830809 NC Deploys to Nicaragua to counter Soviet arm shipments

830912 DO Port calls: Phattaya, Singapore, Subic, Sasebo, Hong Kong

830912 PO Homeport : Norfolk

831000 DA Hissem. S.D. HARD KNOCKS, HOOK, Fall 83 p.54

831001 CO New CO: Taylor, Jeremy D. Naval Postgraduate School ' 65 Bio CV 34

831017 AJ 850118 : Norfolk Yard-15 month complex overhaul, $186 mil

831217 CE Fire in main engine room in overhaul in Norfolk Navy Yard

840831 CO New CO: Tucker, Robert E.

850118 CH Combat systems and catapult specifications at date.WI-185

850300 AI CV, CVW, Squadrons insignia, color. HOOK Spring 85

850412 CG Collides with Ecuador cargo `Napo' off Cuba. Bow damage

850521 CO New CO: Ferguson, Robert H.

850606 BK 850620 : COMPTUEX 3-85. Training ops of NC & VA coasts

850700 BF Former CO: Tucker, Robert E.Jr. relieved after $11 million collision

850813 CS 850907 : ReadEx 3-85, NATO ops in Eastern Atlantic with UK and NL

851002 FM 860519 : 10th Med cruise. Gulf of Sidra ops & Libya raids

851002 GC CVW-13 embarked, tail code AK. HOOK Su 86 p58

851002 GF 1st Marine deployment of F/A-18, VMFA-314 & VMFA 323

851002 GG CVW-13 CAG Capt John P. Gay / 11/29 Cdr Byron L. Duff

851003 DE Boiler problems develop during Med cruise

851124 NG Near Malta. Ship alerted for Libyan hijack response

851129 DO Port call: Haifa, Israel, in port

851129 GX CVW-13 CAG Cdr Byron L. Duff rel. Capt John P. Gay

851225 CF Port call for Christmas & New Years: Naples, Italy

860324 NG Gulf of Sidra,Libya. Operates with CVs 60 & 66.Opn Attain Document

860404 DO Port call: Malaga, Spain

860415 BD Navy Unit Commendation for Libyan combat ops

860415 EM Navy Expeditionary Service Medal for Libyan coast strike ops

860415 NG Launches air attacks on Benghazi, Libya targets. Opn Eldorado Canyon

860510 DA Breast, Jerry C. BATTLE STATIONS, WINGS OF GOLD, Sum 87

860519 DA CVW-13 ' 85-86 cruise report: HOOK Sp 86 p52

860519 DO Port calls: Naples (2), Toulon, Istanbul, Catania, Palermo, Trieste

860721 AK 861106 : Norfolk NSY, major boiler trouble repaired

860800 DA CVW-13/CV-43 . 9-page article & photo pages. HOOK Sum 86

870223 CO New CO: Bremner, Bruce B. At Norfolk OB

870929 FM 880328 : 11th Med cruise. African Eagle Ex off Morocco

870929 GC CVW-13 embarked, tail code AK. HOOK Su 88 p77

870929 GG CVW-13 CAG Capt William Switzer

871011 BK Enters Med. Begins 3-day National Week exercises in Gulf of Sidra

871225 DO Christmas at Naples, Italy during inport period

880212 DO Port call: Izmul, Turkey, inport date. Other liberty at Marseille, France

880622 CO New CO: Allen, Lloyd Edward. Last CO

880700 DE Cited for dumping medical wastes off North Carolina coast


881231 DB Romano, Angelo. WINGS FROM THE CORAL SEA, 1988

890419 NF NE Puerto Rico. Aids stricken USS IOWA, BB-61, fire injured

890531 FM 890930 : 12th Med & final cruise. Replaced CVN-71

890531 GC CVW-13 embarked, tail code AK. HOOK Wi 89 p90

890714 CF Port call for Bastille Day, Cannes, France

890801 EL Navy Expedition Medal. Rushed to Lebanon, LCOL Higgins is hung

890801 NG Helped evacuate American Embassy in Beirut, Lebanon

890930 BF Last cruise report, HOOK Winter 1989

890930 DO Port calls : Palma, Spain; Marseille, France (2nd time)

900400 DA Clayton, P. & Cressman, R. MORE THAN A SHIP, HOOK Sp 90

900430 BF 2+ million nautical miles, 375,000 landings, 70,000 crew

900430 DA Pawlowski, Garth L. FLAT-TOPS AND FLEDGLINGS, book, p312

900430 DA Ship booklet. DECOMMISSIONING OF USS CORAL SEA, files

900430 IB Decommissioned at Norfolk Naval Base, Pier 12

900501 CM Complete list of Commanding Officers in file

901100 BF At Norfolk Naval Shipyard. To be towed to Philadelphia for parts salvage

910430 AL Stricken from Navy Register

910430 PP Final homeport : Norfolk



920531 DB Coral Sea Assn CORAL SEA HISTORY BOOK, Turner Publ. Co.

930304 BF Sale Bid # 31-3359 dated March 4, 1993, appraised $300K

930706 BF Scrap: Seawitch Marine Salv., Fairfield Tm., Baltimore,MD

930706 BF Arrives in Baltimore for scrapping. Museum plan failed

990712 DC Herman Doernbach, 3144 S. 98th St. Milwaukee, WI 63227 414-321-0098

990712 DQ Herman Doernbach, E-mail

2000412 DW

2000809 BF Scrapping completed as last 80' section is pulled ashore